This chart is your first step to understanding basic blackjack strategy. Whilst it may appear complicated don’t let that deter you. Reading this chart is very simple; there are two columns, a horizontal and a vertical. The first is a list of all possible cards in a dealer’s hand and the vertical are all the cards that could appear in yours.

Based on the two columns, you could make one of several decisions; to fold, stand, double, hit, split. To know what decision you need to make simply line up the dealer’s number against yours.

This is a list of abbreviations that denote the actions that can be taken based on the cards.

D – Double if allowed, otherwise hit
Ds – Double if allowed, otherwise stand
H – Hit
H/P – Split if you can double after split, otherwise hit
H/R – Surrender if allowed, otherwise hit
P/R – Surrender if allowed, otherwise split
P – Split
S – Stand
S/R – Surrender if allowed, otherwise stand